Optical Illusions & STEM

A focus on optical illusions! What’s more fun than tricking your own brain?! Add in some STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) projects and have fun learning!

We started off with viewing images and discovering the different types of illusions-Herman Grid, Afterimages, Ambiguous, paradox, distorting and fiction! View the video to see most of these types.

For a related art project, we created an optical effect of dark and light colors; the darker colors move towards you while the lighter colors move away.



We also talked about frequencies of light and made our own Magic color spinners and created a rainbow in our kitchen with a glass full of  water and a flashlight, creating a prism effect.

What happens when you flash black and white colors before your eyes?!


How about a Elephant Toothpaste? Let’s watch chemicals reacting towards each other, and why is the bottle hot?


Want to try it?! Watch the video!

Next we made balloon rockets! All you need is rope or yarn, a cut piece of plastic straw and a balloon. Make some predictions and document changes needed along the way. Tie the rope up at each end, first slide your piece of straw on and then blow up your balloon and hold the end closed as you tape it onto your straw, let go and watch it zoom across the room!

IMG_20150204_082204 IMG_20150204_083137

Next STEM- Makey Makey! You can buy the kit and use everyday items! So fun! We tried it out at the library!