Autumnal Color Hunt

The day began with some online learning with use of the site Head of the Class. We had started using it awhile back and had forgotten about until my sister, who also homeschools reminded me about it recently. Both boys love it as a warm up to start off the day. After that we moved on to some dice math games, my oldest also set up a “store” in his room, so we did some money exchange there and had fun with the prices of his merchandise- nothing in his store was less than 1,000.00! 😉 As he stated, it is all valuable items!

He then wanted to do some pencil drawings in his art journal, so while he did that I researched some outdoor activities for later on and made a train track with my youngest.

In history we’ve been focusing on the Louisiana Purchase, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. We took out many books from the library, The Louisiana Purchase A History Just for Kids book is great, a good read.  AHC also has a great Benjamin Franklin cartoon series on youtube that my oldest really enjoys.  In reading about the  Purchase, we came across Sacagawea and Louis and Clark. We read the story Seaman:The Dog who explored the West with Louis and Clark, last year so he was familiar with them.  This week I took out the book Who was Sacagawea? by Judith Bloom Fradin as we came across her name in our purchase book. We read the first chapter in this book,  and so far it is an easy gentle read!

With the sun finally out early in the morning and the leaves so colorful, I really wanted to get outside for a nature lesson! I love the site Nature Detectives and we have a great book 50 Nature Projects for Kids, between the two I got the idea for a color nature hunt.

I made color blocks on a piece of paper and we headed outside to find things to match the colors! They were really into it and being extremely particular in their findings,if it didn’t match exactly they didn’t want to keep it! 😉

We ended up matching just about every single color and lots of different shades of colors. Leaves, acorns, grass, rocks, wildflowers, the sky and the river were some of our finds.

I also came across an activity called Woodland Potions on the nature detectives site.  The idea is while out in the woods gather items to make a potion, using a container add collected items, water and a stick to stir, make up a rhyme and then pour out your potion and make a wish! While I headed off to work my sister took the boys on a walk to gather these items and spent time playing at the playground. Today we’ll work on a rhyme to go along with his gathered items and see what he can think up!? I continually strive to find new was to incorporate writing skills for him and hoping this one is a fun and creative one.