Abstract Art

As seen in a previous post we did a science and math activity with marbles, which sparked an idea from my oldest to do marble painting!

My first thought was yes! But, first lets do a picture study of  Jackson Pollock  who is know for his Abstract Impressionist art work.

Jackson Pollock  "Spring Inspired"

Jackson Pollock “Spring Inspired”


First, we looked up~ What does the word Abstract mean?  Then we went on to view the art work of Pollock -Observing the colors, movement and feel each one entailed.  We were also able to view some photographs that were taken, read his biography and studied the portrait of Pollock himself.  I really wanted him to see the movement and tell me what he saw in the paintings.

I asked questions such as:

Do you think he just splattered paint around or was there a purpose to it?

How big do you think the canvases are?

Why do you and I each see different things in the picture?

How do you think he named them?

So, with all this freshly on his mind we headed onward to create artwork of similarity.  We had a box, some paper and marbles. Both boys chose the color paper they wanted along with paint colors.  Each took a turn rolling the marbles around and making their own masterpieces! Then I asked my 8yr old to name them!

“The Circle of Art” by 2yr old


“The Roaring Lion” by 8yr old

A fun site to visit to make your own digital masterpiece: