Aviation and Egrets

This weekend the boys each made their own walking sticks, so we had planned to go for a hike today. It was the perfect morning, a little chilly, sunny and a nice way to ease back into the week. My oldest, also became excited about riding his bicycle this weekend too, so I figured we’d make a morning of it and go for and bike and hike at the local beach state park.

( PVC pipes, wrapped in camo duct tape! perfect size each of them and light weight! Dad drilled a hole and added rope for them)

As we entered the park we saw some wildlife in the salt marshes. After the bike ride we walked over to the observation area- which prompted the question of the day: Are these birds cranes or Egrets? and, What is the difference?

We headed down one of the roads first so Liam could bike and Luke was a bit sleepy so I pushed him in the stroller as we headed towards the water. Very peaceful and quiet, towards the end of the road Luke was ready to walk so he got out and had fun chasing after Liam.

We made it back to the car, grabbed the walking sticks and made our way over to the observation deck, where we were able to observe many birds in the marsh. Liam read aloud to us all the info on the board about the habitats, birds and their diets/nesting habits. He was most excited to see the one bird with it’s baby and wanted to use the camera to take a picture of them himself.

Once we returned home, had some lunch, it was time to start some investigating! Were those birds Egrets or Cranes?! We have a few bird field guides so we began to look through, even with those it was had to distinguish the two. We pulled up some info on the internet also, but it was still hard to be 100% sure! Many similarities, except for the beaks. The birds we saw, one had an orange color and one had a black colored beak. So, with our best guesstimate… we think we saw both? Liam has a nature journal that we add to once every so often, I asked him to make an entry in it using these pictures and write down something as well. He wrote “To be a crane or egret….that is the question?!”

With that we moved onto some concrete lessons! 🙂

Life of Fred math-a short lesson on single and double digit multiplication.

Geography- we watched a short video on the 50 states and their capitols.

Science- Famous Inventors,  is what the topic will be for the next couple of months. Today we read about the Wright Brothers. I read aloud the book “My Brothers’ Flying Machine” by Jane Yolen.  We compared how long the first flight was to how long it takes him to microwave his chicken nuggets! He also liked that the first flight was in North Carolina, because that’s where Grammy and Grampy live!

Literature: We continued reading a bit more of  “Wind in the Willows” Some of the wording is a bit confusing for him, so I read a paragraph or two, then pause and do a quick recap to help him follow along.

Grammar: The lesson was a review on types of sentences. He was thrilled to see it was based on The Magic School Bus! He was to fill in different types of sentences about a field trip- statement, question, command or exclamation. He made it a trip to Atlantis and used the character names in the sentences and used the catch phrase “seat belts, everyone!” He loved it, read it over and over to himself and the best part was he was writing without noticing it! 🙂  He hates to write unless it’s something like this that has a little spark to it.

He then moved on to organizing and cleaning out his toy box while Luke and I attempted to play the game Doggie Bingo- match the patterns to the correct dog house. Then he was off to watch Little Einsteins.