Napatree Point & Math Game Mistake

In planning for today’s lesson, I read ahead in our newly bought book Math for Smarty Pants by Marilyn Burns, I found a the game $1.00 word search. The $1.00 word search is to find words in the book that equal a dollar by giving each letter a cent value: A = 1 cent, B= 2 cents and so on. So, I thought it would be fun and a great way to combine spelling and math together if we came up with our own words and added them up to see if we could make a $1.00 word.  I printed out the alphabet and labeled each letter with the appropriate value.

Within the chapter is says there is a Halloween word worth one dollar so he started coming up with words and adding them up, he came close, but no dollar! “Mummies” was the closest we came but it was over by one cent! After several more words, he decided to line them all up in ABC order…. Aha!! Mom! you missed a number here! – I had skipped a number while labeling them! So, Mummies was the word after all since I had made the mistake in numbering them!! ;p Guess I do not do my best prep work at 6am! But it was fun just the same and he actually learned a double lesson…. one number off can throw the whole thing!

Next we watched a video on New England which tied in both History and Geography.  The tour guide on the video stopped at many different historical places within New England and talked to the heritage of the area.

Moving on: At our most recent visit to the library, the Librarian asked what grade my oldest was in, to which I responded, Well, we homeschool, so he’s 3/4th grade I’d say.  She says, I thought you might with this selection of book ;)- would he be interested in joining our book club for 4/5 ers? There is a group of about 11 of that 8 are homeschoolers. Sure! So, we read the first chapter in his book club book titled Dial – a – Ghost by Eva Ibbotson.

We then got ready and headed out to hike along Napatree Point Conservation Area, a trail along the Narragansett Bay and the Ocean. The area is filled with history and provides a habitat for many species/bird watching.  It was absolutely beautiful, quiet and peaceful at this time of year.

Just a few locals were out and about. On the beach only a few other people were roaming and picnicking/dog walking. We did get to see many birds, sea creatures, shells and rocks as well as tons of beautiful butterflies!

Outdoor History Museum-Old Sturbridge Village

 We stepped back in time as we visited Old Sturbridge Village, a journey back to the late 1700’s- early 1800’s.

This outdoor museum is set as a typical village of it’s time, centered around the main village, featuring shops, farms, homes,bank, school and the meetinghouses.  Historians in costume, water powered mills, crafts and activities, demonstrations and a ride in the stagecoach are just some of the highlights!

This was a perfect opportunity to ground in those book lessons we’ve been working on so far this year about life in the colonies.  Several times I used the phrase “remember we read about this…” 🙂


Historians in costume, carrying out daily activities of the 19th century.







Boys taking an old time photo op as we first arrived.








We were able to view both target shooting and a musket demonstration.
















In the meetinghouse we listened to the organ and learned more on the Star Spangled Banner- it was originally a British drinking song! Both myself and my husband were surprised to hear this! I never knew this. We all learned something form this trip!

Outside the center meetinghouse, Liam tried his hand at the game hoop and stick. A group of children were all having fun racing against each other trying to keep the hoop from falling over and they ran.















We took a ride around the village center in the Stagecoach.





















We visited just about every house, the school, the mill the blacksmith shop, shoe shop, the Tavern and the tin shop.  The Salem Towne house and a couple of the others have such beautiful moldings and wood work, that I personally could spend the whole day just looking at it!






















Some fun on the playground and outside the school house playing jump rope and trying some stilts.

We also took a short boat ride, and did a lot of walking as there is so much too see and do! We had a great time and we were all exhausted by the time we left!



















We took a little trip to a local farm last night to see the sunflower fields. Each year they hold what’s called “Sunflowers for Wishes” a fundraiser for the Make-A-Wish foundation. We love to participate in events that go towards a good cause!

As a home-school parent, we of course turn almost everything into a learning experience- so, we  engaged in dialogue all about farms, charity, flowers, and the weather! It is very inspiring to just look out upon the beauty of the fields and the excitement of the crowd as you see tripods  set up all along the edge of the fields, people sitting along the stone wall looking out, couples old and young, infants and children all posing for pictures together, family groups eating ice cream and enjoying each others company….

quintessential New England if you will!

It’s very beautiful and great for taking beautiful photos! Ice cream, tractor rides and some animals too! Take a trip if you’re in the area!

This is not just a hike!

Alas, the sun finally made an appearance and we were ready to hike after a long week of being stuck inside! We live in New England, so therefore, we packed both our suits and our sweatshirts- not knowing just how the weather was going to turn out as the day progressed. Gotta love it!

We meet regularly with a small group of local homeschoolers’ and hike new trails. This week we set out to Wolf Den State Park! A favorite trail of ours, that we have hiked once or twice in the past.

This week I took to noticing that the group of children~more in particularly my own, have really begun to be quite the little nature bugs! They all have so many questions about the plants and trees they are seeing, or looking for conformation on recognizing one from a previous hike. “What kind of leaf is this?” “What is this over here?” “What kind of bug is this?” “Isn’t this the same flower we saw last time?” “Did you hear that bird, what bird is it? ~They all take turns to yell out with excitement at one point or another with something they’ve spotted, and everyone else runs up eager to see!

The flowers have blossomed as well as the relationships with this group! They seemed to have quickly noted the likes and dislikes of each other, and will shout to each other when they spot something they know the other is interested in. As well as a fair warning! They check in with each other as we walk, look out for one another and encourage one another along the way as feet and spirits get tired. My youngest son riding along in the backpack get many visitors too, whether it be for a rock or stick or some other treasure found for him to hold, or more precious, another child walking beside us holding his hand and talking with him!

This week was pure conformation to me that this is not just simply a nice hike outdoors with friends, this is hands-on life learning at it’s best! So many basic skills and life long relationships are being formed! Image

ImageImageCan’t wait for next week! 🙂ImageImageImage