A couple of Bumps,Birds and Sunflowers


We began our morning with math today, this is the subject that gets the most complaints, so I figured lets dive in and move on! This is a new program for us, so I wasn’t sure where to begin, we are using Singapore Math and started with 3A. After three days starting with exercise one, we jumped up to 14, which was more like where we left off last year.  Only a few grumbles, then we did indeed move on. I ordered a small book on spelling as most of his spelling comes from copywork, but I did want a backup source for those days that required something new to keep the campers happy. I have to say I do not like the pages or the exercises, so my thought is to use the word list for each week, if he can spell the word orally we move on to the next, if he’s not able to, he is to write it down and we will memorize it until he’s got it! There’s always a few bumps in the curriculum as the new year begins and getting a smooth routine going. Tweak this and change that, forget this and add that!

Part of this years studies are on the 50 states, and as we study them one by one, I am asking that as we go through a resource card is made with facts for quick referral when ever needed. He chose to write the state name and abbreviation on one side and the capitol and state bird on the backside. He loves birds, so I wasn’t surprised that this was one thing he wanted to remember! For this particular state he chose a yellow card to write in on because of the state bird, good choice!

He then asked if he could look through the rest of the book to see which bird was which for each state and proceeded to do so only to find himself questioning the book and saying this has to be wrong!…..some states have the same bird? Shouldn’t they each have a different one? I asked, so you think they made a mistake in the book? Go look it up on the computer then. So he did, and turns out that one bird is indeed the bird of more than one state! Ok, next!

After doing some writing, time for a creative break…. we studied Vincent van Gogh’s biography earlier in the week and I placed the picture of “Fourteen Sunflowers in a Vase” for a picture study, then grabbed his picture/art journal for him to apply his own artistic take on sunflowers.  He wanted to use markers, but I persuaded him to use colored pencils as it has a more “fine arts” appeal to them and not so “kiddish” as I put it. Well, his eyes lit up on that one! He always likes to feel more grown up… He to my surprise, planned it all out and took his time, and even asked how to make it look shaded around the sunflower seeds at the bottom. He was very proud of it and asked if I could take a picture of it to show everyone.  So here it is!

Vase with 12 sunflowers

Vase with 12 sunflowers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Meanwhile, my 2 year old is fascinated by trains, trucks, and anything else with wheels right about now! The only books I have taken from the library lately are all bout transportation! We read a whole pile together each night, I start, my husband finishes and he’s off to sleep. He helped me put tracks down and had certain spots he wanted either the tunnel or the bridges to go and he took it from there! Early math and language skills, perfect for a toddler!

We wrapped up the morning with the first chapter in “The Burgess Bird Book for Children” meeting Jenny Wren as she explains to Peter Rabbit why she’s been away all winter long.

Another great living book about birds! Very enjoyable, with gentle lessons on wildlife.  Next week we look forward to meeting, The Old Orchard Bully!

Then off to the dentist we went!