A nice surprise for a Tuesday…

Both boys were quick to get dressed this morning and to my surprise each apparently had their own agenda for the day. As I came into the living room Luke asked me to get the map from downstairs. I asked him if he was going to build his track and take a trip through the country and he yells, great idea mom! haha! I was only joking but that’s what he did! I figure if nothing else it’s exposure to the U.S. map and he loves to look at maps anyhow, so he’s having a grand ol’ time! Lots of imagination and taking to himself out loud as he incorporates the airplanes and tractor for the attached farm.

train 001train 002

Meanwhile as I help him set up his tracks I notice Liam’s not around and it’s quiet…..I find him in his room listening to the rest of the book on tape he started yesterday! He loves the story and was thrilled when he realized there are three separate stories within the bundle. I have to admit the stories are pretty funny, lots of humor based on a child who’s solving mysteries around town like his idol Sherlock Holmes.train 003train 006

I had a few things planned and normally I don’t write posts on days where I have to go into work later, but given the circumstances, they’re happy and engaged so what I have planned will wait. I am a firm believer that when you follow the child’s interest and just give a little input they learn and internalize so much more than any activity that is forced under protest 😉

train 005

Once Luke is done, we’ll listen to The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We read this book often and found the audio version at the library yesterday. He listened to it before bed last night, then pretty much re-told me the entire story in his own words. (fairly close to the original wording)  Love to see his progress!

Liam’s going to do a few Christmas math worksheets and watch a video he found about the Arctic Penguins at the library yesterday.  He just came out of his room, and was laughing to himself about the story and then narrated the whole ending to me. Sounds like he’s making some personal progress too, his narrations have become very thorough and smooth in comparison to a few months ago when we first started the method of narration!

train 004

I hope this rhythm continues for awhile as my plan is to take it easy with fun and educational activities for the month of December as a special holiday treat.