Luke’s Campsite/ Liam’s TeePee

luke campA simple request of Luke’s this morning, turned into a whole day of camping! He asked me to make him a tent, marshmallows, sticks and a fire.  He sat and roasted a few marshmallows and I joined him inside his tent since he was so eager to show me. It didn’t take long before Liam had the idea of being the wolf who creeps in at night and steals the food from us! He even got some paper and drew some food items to keep by the fire that he would creep in and get before we could wake up and catch him.  This went back and forth for awhile, then Liam and Luke went camping together and we had use of  Luke’s sound machine and turned it to the “thunderstorm” setting. The boys had to quickly find shelter and then the sun came up (lights on) and we turned the sound to “stream” and Liam the wolf was able to catch fish in the nearby steam for lunch.


On a similar note, Liam worked on making a Teepee this morning for his scouts. He copied the template, and once assembled he began thinking of how to decorate it. He wanted a river and then we looked up Native American symbols and he chose, The Hunger Moon-February Moon. I helped him draw the symbol and he worked on lining the river with rocks and drawing the other details. I had some nature stickers and he chose the bird sticker to go on the door.  It came out pretty good!


Indoor Construction Site

My toddler and his trucks! Yesterday was pretty busy with indoor chores for us and needing to keep my two year old happy and busy is always a life saver…so this idea hit me! I always save boxes,so I grabbed one and lined it with foil, then added flour and some cocoa mix, rocks and some large spoons, added his trucks and voila! an indoor construction site! He loved it and it kept hm busy for quite some time, not to mention he’s learning through play ;). Clean up is easy as well, sweep up and vacuum the rest! Try it out-enjoy! I’m sure if you have a water table this would be great to do too.