Designing Video Games/Summer Math Games

I found an online Video Game Creator website through another mom’s homeschool post (sorry I can’t remember where I read it) and looked online to see if it was some thing Liam would be interested in.  It’s called 3D RAd.  It looked rather complicated to me, but figured he could play around with it and see if he could figure it out. He did! With the help of some youtube videos he managed to make three race car games already. He’s doing great figuring it all out!

Luke has been working a lot on the computer as well, with some patter, shape and number games. He seems to be counting more often than not in correct chronological order now! yeah! It’s changed from 1, 2, 18, 11 😉 to 1,2,3,4, 5- great progress to see!

luke math

We are officially wrapping up the school year this week, but will continue with math all summer using Math Mammoth and lots of hands on games and computer games. I will post a few updates here and there on some of the games as we find some really great ones. Time to get out side!!- Enjoy the summer!

liam gamegame2






Today’s math: Liam will be working with this print out game here, tuning his fact families for multiplication and division: Fact Family Houses

He is also going to do workbook pages on the Place Value with Thousands.

Fun ideas for learning!





A simple math game I made up that can be applied to any subject such as language arts, history, science etc. or even a variety of all the above ( which is how we first played the game.)  This is how we use it for math lessons when we need a break from the same old, same old!


Gym Parachute


Flashcards- Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Money


….and what ever you choose if anything- this game really can be done on the fly! Just ask questions verbally if you’d like.

First spread the parachute on the floor. Roll the dice and walk around the parachute that number of steps. The color you land on determines the category of questions.

Orange- Addition                                      Yellow- Money

Green- Subtraction                                   Red- Time

Blue-Multiplication                                  Purple- Players Choice

Answer correctly and you can advance your next turn, answer incorrectly and you must skip your next roll and answer the next card in play before proceeding with a roll of the dice. We don’t keep score in any way, we just go around until we feel the game is over. Just a fun way of reviewing the math skills and concepts.

Enjoy trying it out and let me know what other ideas you build upon this one!







I was so excited to find these magnetic bowls at the local store.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to use them for at first, but had to grab them anyway! Having a busy toddler, I love that these bowls stick right onto a cookie tray and away we go with sorting and stacking! AND NO SPILLS ;)!

First I set out our magnetic letter blocks, then some colorful paperclips- which he discovered really took a spin of it’s own on contact! Then I gave him an assortment of things to try out, some magnetic, some not.

The possibilities are endless being that they are magnets themselves, so we will continue to explore with them and share anything that’s super fun and creative with you.  He loves to collect rocks, so I’m thinking we will glue on some magnets and play around with positive and negative poles!

Have an idea? Please share!