Family Field Trip-Grossology!

We decided to take a field trip today.  My husband had the day off from work and wanted to get out and do something together.  So we took the boys to the Ecotarium!

This is an indoor and outdoor science museum.  Lots of wildlife animals, outdoor trails, and hands-on exhibits and a train ride around the grounds!

Grossology is the featured exhibit right now and yep, you guessed it! It’s gross! The discovery of all the gross things your body does! Smells, slime, sounds and ooze! They played games against each other, got to smell things, hear things and learn why and how the body works from the inside out!

In the weather area, the boys tried out the wind machine to feel just how fast it feels during a hurricane! Liam tried climbing the rock wall while Luke and I played with the different effects wind has and how it carries and forms around different objects in nature!









Outside we had fun making bubbles using different shapes and tools.  Said hi to the porcupine and skunk and snakes!  Then the boys tried out a Crow’s nest and sat on some eggs! We visited several animals inside and out, turtles, fox, several types of birds and my favorite the otters!





































A stop by the gift shop before leaving, Luke chose three baby turtles and Liam got some tasty astronaut ice cream. Fun and educational with the family= day well spent!


We took a little trip to a local farm last night to see the sunflower fields. Each year they hold what’s called “Sunflowers for Wishes” a fundraiser for the Make-A-Wish foundation. We love to participate in events that go towards a good cause!

As a home-school parent, we of course turn almost everything into a learning experience- so, we  engaged in dialogue all about farms, charity, flowers, and the weather! It is very inspiring to just look out upon the beauty of the fields and the excitement of the crowd as you see tripods  set up all along the edge of the fields, people sitting along the stone wall looking out, couples old and young, infants and children all posing for pictures together, family groups eating ice cream and enjoying each others company….

quintessential New England if you will!

It’s very beautiful and great for taking beautiful photos! Ice cream, tractor rides and some animals too! Take a trip if you’re in the area!