We are Growing! Ancient India&Art and…Puppies

This week’s literature was The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle- always a fan of his books!


We all sat together and read the story and discussed the seasons and life cycle of a plant. Liam could tell  me the whole cycle and all parts of the plant, so I decided we wouldn’t spend too much time on that in particular and more on growing and planting instead.

Science: Well..I’m sure you guessed! We planted our own herb and vegetable garden!

plantingplanted seed

Liam is also continuing his study of atoms, molecules and states of matter, which went along pretty nicely with the gardening.  He added another sketch in Science Journal -H2O


We all watched a science video on polymers and everyday science secrets that their grandfather gave them.

A bonus activity: Liam took it upon himself to grab a hammer, rocks and goggles, and cracked open some rocks to examine.  He found a few different ones and then we used them to line the flower beds.

We also did an experiment with molecule vibrations. Which makes a louder sound and why? Liam then drew in his science journal again to record his findings.sci journ

water scie

Math: A focus on fractions and finished up figuring out Elapsed Time. He played a few online math fraction games, one being Flowering Fractions which was fitting! A worksheet on planting word problems, a timed game on double digit subtraction and more time telling.

  Living Math: hands on fractions with “pie pieces”  and counting up and dividing seeds.fractions

Language Arts: Reading a Plant Life Poem, Listening and recording adverbs and adjectives while I read this weeks literature aloud- then completed a cluster all about seeds! For some spelling fun we played Hangman too

seed burst.

A new favorite of theirs is Nate the Great stories on CD for the car. We listened to them as we drove around this week.

Both boy attended a Book Club for homeschoolers this week. Luke listened to an Eric Carle story, followed by a collaborative mural making and then some dramatic play with blocks and home-living toys with other pre-ker’s. Liam was in the older group who led their own discussion on their favorite books, he was apprehensive at first, but then he really didn’t want to leave.

Art: In studying the ancient Indus Valley we took a look at ancient art and what some of the earliest art pictured. We found many cave drawings and many contained images of animals. Liam followed a step by step website and drew the following. (he asked to do two! that never happens) He also made a flower using modeling clay from the image in The Tiny Seed book.

anciet art2

ancient artHe really enjoyed it and I think he did wonderfully!

clay flower

History/Social Studies/Geography: This week began a new look at Ancient India and the Indus Valley. We took a look at the land of the Indus and mapped it out, labeled it. Liam kept an organizer and wrote down information as we came across it in our readings. We read about life, occupations, building and life in the Indus Valley.


indus valley

Luke spent a few days playing games,some dramatic play and math all around puppies! He found the book Please, Puppy, Please by Spike Lee in his brothers room and just loves to sit and read it.  He ‘s been very much into dogs and acting out their characteristics! 🙂 We talked about the letter “P” –puppy, had pancakes and pretzels.puppy please

puppypuppy ,askpuppy bingopuppy math

pup wash

Music: This week we continued on Ancient Music and some more of the first Instruments and items used to make sounds. Learning about communicating with drums and played a virtual drum log! This led us into patterns of music and we tried out virtual unifix cubes,  musical fraction bars, counting music and even some Morse Code music! This is a great site- found here.


Wonder Struck, Mapping and More!

I found by chance a link to scholastic on  Colonial Times yesterday while doing a general search on the topic. So, this is what we started our day with today! We began with reading   “A Journey to the New World” under the Scrapbook tab. It gave a brief journal type overview of the early settlement. Found within the scrapbook, is a section for crafts and recipes, in it we found one on making old paper.  This link will bring you to the recipe.

We headed to the kitchen and made the paper, quick project using coffee and tea. Later after it dried my oldest wrote a letter to his grandparents on it. One of his sentences tells them to smell the paper ;).  He chose to write a letter vs. doing his grammar notebook with out a second thought! He hates to write, but if it’s somewhat of a fun twist, he’ll go for it with minimal grumbles!

While we dried our paper in the oven I pulled out the big map of the U.S. as we continue to learn about each of the 50 states for Geography, as well as our current topic of water in Science.  I blended the two as we had the map out in front of us. I found a variation of this idea on pinterest and just tweaked it a bit. I had him study the map and point out different sources of water, land and water forms. Using blue construction paper to resemble the water, and using green play-doh as the land, I asked him to form these different types and label them.

While the map was still out I handed him a print out of the U.S. found online via my sister. We have read about two states so far, so I had him locate them and color them in and use the states abbreviation to label. Going forward we will fill in as we go along.

Next we read a favorite ” A House for Hermit Crab” by Eric Carle. As I read aloud I asked him to look on and draw from the book. I gave him oil pastels to use, and he thought they were a bit tricky. If you’ve never used them, they are! But all in all I think it came out really well and he was pleased too. I am trying to insert art in various ways with exposure to many mediums in hopes to find one he really likes. He likes to do art, but it’s not high on his list of favorites. Being that I love the arts, I am going to be persistent mostly because I know it can be such a huge tool for children as a creative outlet! My toddler worked on his fine motor skills, playing- bird catching the worm! I cut up pieces of yarn and ribbon, gave him a clothes pin to use as the bird beak and he had to pick up his worms and place them in a “nest”. He kept holding the clothes pin upside down though! I kept trying to correct him but he insisted on using it that way and honestly it worked! They ended up being more like chopsticks I guess?!

After lunch we finished reading “Wonder Struck”! 600 pages later, we made it to the end! We both enjoyed it very much. Wonderful and creative story line-amazing!! I honestly just discovered the above link for it too as I was looking for a link to the book itself…think I know what we’re going to explore later on!


I also came across a Lego site for Castles this morning and showed my oldest, not surprisingly he played on there for a while, reading the story book, playing games and making his own coat of arms, etc.

Now this afternoon, we’ll probably head to our home away from home…the library!

Have a nice day!