Meteor Shower Spelling, Civil War and Potato Chip Science

Over the past couple of weeks the focus in Science has been the Earth and it’s layers, combined with the planets and outer space. This morning I had some extra time to prepare for today and came up with the idea of a meteor shower game for the boys to play. They loved it! I wrapped up site words for my oldest inside tin foil and for my younger son, shapes and numbers.  I hid all the “meteors” around the house- they each had to go find one and bring it back to me, if they found their own and either spelled it correctly or could identify the shape or number, they got a point. Whoever got to five points first won.  It was tricky because you didn’t know if you were going to get a point for yourself or your opponent! If you misspelled or gave the wrong answer you lost a point!

New Image3New Image








We then moved on to finish up the book The  Littles   by John Peterson.  As we move into the Civil War time period our next book will be The Orphan Train Adventures  A Dangerous Promise by Joan Lowrey Nixon. It is recommended for ages 10 and up, so we’ll see how it goes…

The other story (which I know is age appropriate)  Civil War on Sunday from the Magic Tree House Series #21. We are always happy with these stories and Liam always asks to keep reading when it comes to these books! One more book on the Civil War that I ‘m excited to read is Pink and Say by Patricia Polacco , a story of celebrated friendship and humanity, based on a true story.

Our other favorites for the week are :

Owl Moon by Nicolas Brunelle

Civil Was Sub by Kate Boehm Jerome

Abraham Lincoln by Anne Colver

A picture book of Abraham Lincoln by  David Adler

The Construction Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallotta

You wouldn’t want to be a Civil War Soldier! by Thomas Ratliff

Our last project of the day was Potato Chip Science- a gift received at  Christmas, with many hands on experiments.  Today he chose to try out the “Chip Ship”  How many pennies can you float inside a chip bag? Method was to fill an empty chip bag with 50 pennies and see if it would sink or float?? then take it back out and this time lay a flat chip lid on top of the pennies and watch it float! Then pile pennies on top of the lid to see how much cargo your ship can hold before it sinks. Meaning : the chip ship needed buoyancy just like all cargo vessels!   By  broadening our hull, we increased our volume and displaced the water on the outside of the chip ship!

New Imagechips    chipbag




A Moo-ving Project

Earlier this past winter we looked into different organizations to find one we could get involved with.  I knew of Heifer Internation and love what they are all about-ending poverty, hunger and caring for the earth! So, upon researching their site I discovered they offer a free curriculum kit. Yes, it’s totally free!! I will also say it was much more than I had expected.  This is a great global resource  that involves many activities and class subjects.

Part of Heifer International’s Approach is to “pass on the gift” from one family to another.

We decided we could get involved by raising money through a fundraiser and in turn purchase a living gift for families in need.  We set forth on creating a cookbook to sell with the help and support of our family and friends who donated their favorite recipes to add to our book. My son helped to design the cookbook, gave it it’s title “All friends Cookbook”, made a flyer and then began to spread the word! Again, with much support from family, friends and co-workers  it was a success. We were able to purchase more than a few animal gifts!

Yesterday we took a trip to experience hands-on at the Learning Center at Overlook Farm.   We saw animals and took a walk through a global village-Amazing time! Here are the photos from our trip!