Circle the Stars

This morning we started with an alphabet rhyme from A to Z. I saw it in a movie or a show a few days ago (though I can not remember where exactly) and thought it would be a fun way to start the day.  We sat in a circle and went around alphabetically completing the phrase- goes something like this:

Allie went to Alaska with Apples-Bob went to the Bahamas with Brussel sprouts, all the way to -Zander went to Zimbabwe with Zebras!

Some letters were pretty hard! 🙂

We then listened to an audio book about a  Dragon, a story called Dragon Rider .  Dragons must find refuge as the humans are planning to destroy their valley, on his journey he meets a boy named Ben and they become a team!

Liam then went on to finish the last two chapters in his podcast he’s been listening to. He really enjoyed it and learned a lot of science and history along the way. Luke and I worked on the “ap” family on Reading Eggs, then math in a workbook about Space, which then led to him drawing up his own constellation! -A platypus constellation named “John, the platypus.”

This morning I set out an entire table with some hands on math activities, so they did some work with the  geo-board, fractions and multiplication activities.

We have used the Waldorf style multiplication circles before and reintroduced them to Luke who was very young the last time they were out. It is a great skip counting way to practice the multiplication facts. Liam went through each one and showed him and refreshed his memory as well. For Luke’s reference I also had the facts written out in flowers and the completed stars laid out on the table.

The boys also read a short multiplication “M” poem out of our LMNOP book and watched some birds out back for a bit, then they made their lunch and listened to an American History Story about the start of the revolutionary war based on how taxes currently work in our society.

And, that wraps up our morning, I’m sure there will be some Minecraft played this afternoon as it has made a big come back in this house!

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Stones and Mirrors

In preparing for our new adventure of Unit studies based on Before Five in a Row and Five in a Row, I took a trip to the dollar store this morning to gather up some supplies! I must say I am super excited to dive into our Units next week! I just finished up our lesson plans and I am inspired and looking forward to next week!

Luke was the first to break into some of the new items and did some mirror art today! This picture says it all 😉

lukerocka He had a great time! So much creativity came out! He first wanted to line the circle and and look at himself in the middle of it. He then decided to line up the stones straight across both mirrors and declared it a bridge and used his fingers to walk across it. He asked me to do the same with my fingers because the trip became too long!

lukerockWhat did he take away from this activity?

Physical Development: Fine Motor, handling small objects

Intellectual Development: Focus, Communicating Ideas, Language skills, Dramatic Play

Social and Emotional Development: Active Imagination, pretending and independence



A little Imagination and Creativity! TMNT and Arctic Animals

Yesterday my oldest was feeling very generous and sweet, and bought with his own money a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle for his little brother.  Luke has been obsessed with the old cartoon version we have on DVD, watching it over and over again! So, this morning we all got together and made a home for the turtle! Using a cardboard box, magazine pictures and some imagination and creativity we did a pretty good job building his home down in the sewers! 🙂

Both boys loved it and played with it all morning. This also led to more block building ideas that just kept expanding by the minute!














After the turtle house was completed, they worked on towers, then cities, creating bridges and stories to go along with them, trap doors etc. After about and hour and half, I had to interrupt for some table work, but it was still all about imagination and creativity…..

In preparing for this weeks lesson on Arctic animals and hibernation I discovered this great book that has endless extensions to incorporate into many subjects areas!   

Over in the Arctic

Where the cold winds blow by Marianne Berkes



A beautifully illustrated book easy for preschoolers to follow, yet can be altered and made challenging enough for early elementary.  The book contains several ideas for extended activities too. This book is going to be my tool in lesson planning over the next several weeks as we dive into this topic, studying each animal and the Arctic Tundra in depth.

For more of her books on animals and ideas click here

For starters today, we read the book out loud and as the book suggests, as I read it, Liam listened and wrote down the verbs that were used to describe how each animal behaves. Tomorrow we are going to make a chart listing the parent names vs. the baby names, then compare/discuss which creatures migrate and which live in the arctic year round.

For an art activity we made a story page of our own, using the style within the book. (another inside book suggestion) The illustrations were created using layers of cut paper.  I have many decorative papers on hand and he chose the Wolf pack (image search/printed out) as pictured on the cover of the book, but turned it into a mountain scene at sunrise instead.















Upon request, while at the library the other day we checked out another Shel Silverstein book; A light in the Attic. After reading several of them, Liam began making up his own and wrote down a few :

“There’s a rabbit stuck to my ceiling,

There’s a rabbit stuck to my floor. There’s a

rabbit stuck to my chimney, or maybe it was just on the floor…”


“Birds, Birds, Birds

I think about them everyday.

I don’t know why, because

they keep flying away!”


We also read Celebrate the 50 States by Loreen Leedy which gives a brief overview of each state; natural wonders, remarkable people and historic events along with questions.  He recalled more than I had thought he would, although he worked on folklore yesterday with his dad for a boyscout project so he knew a little bit about that and other historians that we’ve covered. Apparently he’s been listening to the news too, because when we got to New Hampshire he said “they vote first for the president right?”
Good enough for me, so we were off to the kitchen to start a recipe for dinner in the crock pot an they both helped before getting back to the blocks!