Luke’s Campsite/ Liam’s TeePee

luke campA simple request of Luke’s this morning, turned into a whole day of camping! He asked me to make him a tent, marshmallows, sticks and a fire.  He sat and roasted a few marshmallows and I joined him inside his tent since he was so eager to show me. It didn’t take long before Liam had the idea of being the wolf who creeps in at night and steals the food from us! He even got some paper and drew some food items to keep by the fire that he would creep in and get before we could wake up and catch him.  This went back and forth for awhile, then Liam and Luke went camping together and we had use of  Luke’s sound machine and turned it to the “thunderstorm” setting. The boys had to quickly find shelter and then the sun came up (lights on) and we turned the sound to “stream” and Liam the wolf was able to catch fish in the nearby steam for lunch.


On a similar note, Liam worked on making a Teepee this morning for his scouts. He copied the template, and once assembled he began thinking of how to decorate it. He wanted a river and then we looked up Native American symbols and he chose, The Hunger Moon-February Moon. I helped him draw the symbol and he worked on lining the river with rocks and drawing the other details. I had some nature stickers and he chose the bird sticker to go on the door.  It came out pretty good!


Just Because It’s Fun!

Summer is full of fun adventures, tasty treats and good old fashion fun!  We combined all three today right in our living room and in our backyard. After a quick trip to the store we came home and set up camp in the living room.

After showing my oldest how to set it up, he was the first to jump inside and set up to watch some t.v. with his pillow and blanket. Of, course when I think of camping I think….S’mores! So I used what we had on hand and made some indoor S’mores- yumm! Graham crackers, peanut butter, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows and sprinkled graham cracker crumbs on top! Cooked them in the oven for about 5 minutes.

Later on we headed outside for some messy art! Fly swatter painting! I set up a small portable table out back and some paints and with fly swatters in hand, they began to paint.  They got as equally covered in paint as the paper did ;0)

It was so nice to have a day to enjoy doing activities instead of just swimming to keep cool.  Thank you for the break in heat today!