Tiny, delicate and beautifully amazing!

This bird drinks from flowers, can fly 500 miles without stopping and has flexible wings that allows them to hover and fly backwards- just to name a few amazing facts!

0428151023We read a few great books and watched a documentary on these amazing little creatures. We learned about their nesting habits, the flexibility of their wings, their heart rate and wing speed, where they live and their migration route. There are about 341 species of hummingbirds.

Twice a year most in the States migrate south and cross the Gulf of Mexico- flying about 500 miles!

Liam dew a map on migration

Liam drew a map on migration

We did an art project using tissue paper to enhance the delicateness of the hummingbirds.

04281511400428151139While watching the documentary, Luke began to mimic the behavior and built himself a nest!

0428150929~2The boys also did some journal work and math before lunch:

Luke picked the word “Growth” and” Birch” said “Oh, that’s perfect since we are learning about birds!” – He dictated the sentence to me and I wrote it in his journal, then he drew the art work.



I love how poetic the Birch sentences are!

Liam’s word was “Notch” “Jest” He wrote out the definition and then drew up the sketch of a prank being done.

0428150943The other night I was reading Shark Vs. Train to Luke once again, and he really wanted to keep track of their score this time to see just who it is that wins! So, I told him about tally marks and he kept a running tally as I read the story.

0428151036So, today I wanted to reinforce this concept once more and practice counting to 30. He counted out 30 counters, then grouped them into sets of 5 and drew up tally cards for each group- we then counted by 5’s to 30!

0428151044Liam did some math review of multiplying 3 numbers, word problems and did some flashcards and then some Hummingbird math fact word expressions:

0429150922Ended the day with surf lessons!


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