A week in photos-

A week of our favorites in photos; California, Maps and Globes, Phonics, Fractions, Decimals and American Sign Language and a couple of workshops!

This is a great app for phoincs/reading! It has a nice progression, very thorough! (free)


phonics reading- McGuffey app- CVC          


pick the letter that matches the sound you hear


learning to divide fractions


Living Books of the week- I recommend all of these! the Redwoods was my favorite!


Atlas Scavenger Hunt from A-Z


tracing a map house template


paper houses- Luke’s is a map of Thompson so he can live near his Aunt 🙂


California Redwood- Wood burning project

04211514270421151427alife cycle of birds and learning about chicks at the library- Egg samples and size comparisons


a Rhode Island Red chick


reading a complete sentence!!


building words with letter tiles, using CVC pattern

3-D shape collage

3-D shape collage


Expensive shopping! 😉

0420151238   Living Math- he set up  grocery store, priced everything then added them up on the cash register calculator!

A-Z Atlas Scavenger Hunt

A-Z Atlas Scavenger Hunt Completed

Journal Entries: Pick a random word from the dictionary (Reliable)- Liam writes out definition and a picture-( Nay) Luke copies the word and draws a picture. A great change from journal prompts! Great way to incorporate grammar, vocab, spelling and copywork! I’m planning to do this a lot more often!!!


First to Fifty Fraction Game

First to Fifty Fraction Game

Storytelling Workshop

0423151100b0423151118The boys listened to stories, learned about history through songs and interacted in a couple of stories, then completed the handouts together once home.

We ended the week learning to sign the song “You are my sunshine” and completed reading all our library books! Next week we will continue with world geography mapping, hummingbirds and a bit more on California 🙂

One thought on “A week in photos-

  1. Awww! That Luke– What a sweetie! (Of course I had to comment on this blog post). I’m glad he’s over the “I ruined his life” phase. Sounds like you guys had a great week. I love the journal write idea. We’ll definitely have to try that one!

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