Hiking to the Harbor Seals!

We headed out to Rome Point this morning hoping once more to see some harbor seals. It was sunny and the tide was out, so our hopes were high….

The boys each worked on math and then we all listened to the audio book of Same Sun Here as we drove. We’re on disk 4 and Liam is loving this one! He said he’s sad it’s almost over, he’d love to listen to the story for a longer period of time.


In this extraordinary novel in letters, an Indian immigrant girl in New York City and a Kentucky coal miner’s son find strength and perspective by sharing their true selves across the miles.

Meena and River have a lot in common: fathers forced to work away from home to make ends meet, grandmothers who mean the world to them, and faithful dogs. But Meena is an Indian immigrant girl living in New York City’s Chinatown, while River is a Kentucky coal miner’s son. As Meena’s family studies for citizenship exams and River’s town faces devastating mountaintop removal, this unlikely pair become pen pals, sharing thoughts and, as their camaraderie deepens, discovering common ground in their disparate experiences. With honesty and humor, Meena and River bridge the miles between them, creating a friendship that inspires bravery and defeats cultural misconceptions.


Once at the nature preserve we began our hike and finally got to watch the seals! (mostly through the binoculars) I counted about 40 of them! They were all on the rocks sunning themselves, unfortunately my camera doesn’t have the greatest zoom lens, but I can see them in the photos.









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