Wednesday’s Treasures!

A 3 mile hike that helped reground me to my homeschooling roots and reasons why I’m on this journey! (Especially after this long…long winter)

While we collected all kinds of trinkets; shells, crab pieces, sea glass and cool rocks- I couldn’t help but think what a “treasure” this time is that we spend together and how much we all get out of days like this! My youngest is totally at the imagination/dramatic play stage and had a running personal dialogue the entire time we walked! I love to hear his imagination at work! My oldest, I’m just happy he still likes to chat with me as we walk and that he found a little hobby to keep him occupied as we walk. They both always find discoveries and yell with excitement on our weekly walks- dare I declare Wednesday’s as “Wednesday Treasure Walks” I’ve really been searching for a new journal type style of blogging and I think this may be it!? -Just a quick excerpt of the “treasures”  of our nature hikes/times together that really count…..hmmm, going to think that over- we can all blog about projects and curriculum- but, honestly as much as we’re all different, we’re all pretty much the same….(I’m bored of it) This seems to me. a great way/idea for a personal story journal, scrapbook etc. and truly why I began and continue to homeschool in the first place! – The treasured moments- not the projects and curriculum choices!

Any way here is the photos of our trinkets and time together just having fun together:

Napatree Point

Napatree Point


Stealthy ninjas practicing balance!



Observing the sand texture from wind and waves


Trinkets we picked up!

Trinkets we picked up!

Created a science discovery container!

Created a science discovery container!

Treasures to examine as we wish!

Treasures to examine as we wish!

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