For the love of Walter Driftwood, we found him on the beach!

walter driftwood The boys wrote a short story about our adventure and a developed friendship (especially for Luke) between two boys and a piece of driftwood who was later named Walter. (Luke left in tears, after saying goodbye) So cute. ❤

Here is the story they have to tell:

“We came upon “Walter” who was beached on the shore this morning. He is a piece of driftwood, a little broken looking and shaped like a tree trunk.

At first we tried to pick him up, but he was too heavy! So, we tried rolling him into the water, After several attempts we got him in. At first we were just going to turn and leave after getting him in and walk on our way while leaving him out in the water floating and bumping around. But then, we wondered what would happen to this log? Would it go out to sea? Would it come back to shore with the waves pushing it? So, we decided to watch it and we gave it a name, Walter.

Meeting Walter and giving him a push

Meeting Walter and giving him a push

Got him out!

Got him out!

We started to walk again after a bit but kept our eye on him. We noticed he came up to the sand a few times and was heading down the beach each time he rolled back in….now we were really curious. Was he going to stay or leave the beach?!

We ended up pretty far down the beach while walking. We climbed up in to a lifeguard chair and looked back….and low and behold! There was Walter! He was just lying there on the sand!


We ran back finding lots of cool rocks, a piece of slate, jellyfish, a sandpiper, sea gulls, watched some surfers, and looked a seaweed, airplanes and saw the festival being set up! We did some sand art and writing and continued to keep our eyes on Walter…he was still waiting for us!

seagull tracks

seagull tracks






IMG_20140910_094609_949IMG_20140910_094301_296IMG_20140910_094014_491IMG_20140910_093013_652IMG_20140910_093030_682We ran up to him and yelled, Walter! Luke bent down to give him a hug and Walter was pushed by a wave at the same time and rolled back right on to Luke’s foot. Luke yelled, “I’m trapped! Walter doesn’t want us to leave him! But, this really hurts my leg.”  Liam ran up to Walter and told him he was bad for hurting Luke! We played by Walter for awhile and forgave him.

IMG_20140910_095031_143We were ready to leave and gave Walter one more push out to sea. We started to head towards the playground and Luke started to cry, he was going to miss Walter. He ran back to yell goodbye and we went to play on the playground. After a few minutes Luke turned to look and guess what….

Walter was back!! He watched us play on the playground and we made a plan to go back tomorrow to check on Walter.”


We’ll see if he sticks around…..


This was a homeschooling day at it’s best- natural learning and memories that will last, they discovered, questioned, made educated guesses, did math, science and writing playfully. They worked together to write the story and recalled a lot of information. They developed character and bonded as brothers through it all! 😉






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