Journey of the Imagination

Before we jump right into all the planned Waldorf Blocks this year, I wanted to slow down and just get the boys into the new daily flow and do a few things I felt necessary before moving on. The first was with my oldest; reviewing math, which we just finished up after a three week block, and then we took last week off for some end of the summer fun. The first three weeks or so of this month I want to focus on Imagination and Creativity…I’ve heard more than once from him when doing art, “Is this right?” —Um, of course…art can’t be wrong!- Where is this coming from?! AHH!

The whole reason for me to adventure into Waldorf this year was to incorporate the artsy part.  A curriculum which strives to transform education into an art that educates the whole child—the heart and the hands, as well as the head….”Based on a careful study of how children change and develop, the curriculum speaks to the needs of the growing child at the three different stages.”

My goal is for them to really get imaginative and creative and expand on these thoughts, before we go on any further this year. Be comfortable with Math and Language arts, in particular- writing..this seems to be painful at the moment! Let’s get that rigid feel out of school work and enjoy it, pace ourselves, after all the beauty of homeschooling is to do whatever, and things whenever you like, right?! (more or less) I just think these two major components are something he needs to be comfortable with as he is simply breathing in air! There is no right or wrong when you are creating something from within! My youngest is still very imaginative and creative and I want to keep it that way!

Anyway, to kick off this idea we started by reading a few great books about Imagination and creativity.


Journey is a new favorite!

They both loved these choices. We talked about them and have read them numerous times. With my oldest, we are also talking about similes and metaphors in stories and poetry. Again, using the imagination!

Chalkboard drawing for inspiration/referral

Chalkboard drawing for inspiration/referral

We also checked out these books from the library to help with some creative writing. We are working bit by bit for my oldest to write a short story this week, so today was drawing up an idea web.



He also used a picture to create a short story and we worked all together to come up with words that create images when describing a pickle (they chose the object 😉 )


Autumn Poem with metaphors-wet on wet watercolors

Autumn Poem with metaphors-wet on wet watercolors

My youngest is still very imaginative and creative as I said, here are a few things he’s been up to this week, on the more structured side:


He loves checking on the weather each day and choosing the weather gnome that corresponds. He often picks up nature items to add to the home while we are out and about. As you can see it’s getting pretty seasonal looking!


Here are the letters of the season we have been working on hanging in his bedroom. The Waldorf suggested way of learning letters through story readings, and making them into picture cards seems to really be working for him. We hadn’t paid much attention to them in weeks and when we added the “F” today he still remembered his others! He comes up with the ideas for the picture and I draw them. We did “F” today after reading the story Fletcher and the Falling leaves.


Letter "F" out of leaves

Letter “F” out of leaves

Writing work in workbook on the letter F

Writing work in workbook on the letter F

We finished up the day with some baking of cheese shaped owl crackers and Liam worked on freehand geometry shapes. Drawing a circle and then horizontal and vertical axis, drawing inward. He was to go slow and try to keep them uniform. Surprisingly to me, this was challenging to him- I thought it was going to be relaxing. He said it was hard and felt he kept messing it up! I said this is going to be like your writing, once you look back at the end of the year you will see all the progress you’ve made, give yourself a break this is the first time you’ve attempted this!


Let’s have a treat and call it a day! 😉 I’m going to make this year fun and creative if it kills me! haha!!




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