From Apples to Fractions

Here we are into day three of our new rhythm and I think we’re getting adjusted to not following a timed schedule, that said, I think our afternoon down time is lacking something! We find ourselves a bit lost after 1:00/2:00 trying to fill in the “rest/relax” time, until it’s time to get dinner ready- guess we’re not very good at resting! haha!

Anyway, here are some of our lesson blocks from yesterday and today. Luke’s main lessons are Autumn and Apples. Liam is working on fractions. I find it works for us to read two of Luke’s books together and one Folk tale for Liam in the morning.


After our morning walk, we sat and read these two Autumn book together and the boys pointed out some of the things they had noticed already changing on our walk the past couple of mornings. They also enjoyed listening to these other stories too, especially King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub- comical and it sent them on an imagination spree for a bit! 😉

So, this morning Luke and I worked on his first two letter cards based on the books from above.


The boys prepared some Apple Tisane!  It tasted pretty good, I’m sure we’ll try it with some other herbs pretty soon. I want them to really start getting involved in healthy meal prep and using fresh produce as much as possible. So, this was a quick idea for our morning snack time.


Slicing the oven roasted apples


Adding in some Rosemary

Roasted Apple Rosemary Tisane

Tuesday –Heart and Hand blocks were Painting and Library. The boys each painted with watercolors and created a picture from the fairy tale on Monday. Then we headed to the library and they each had to find and choose 3 seasonal stories for next week.

Wednesday was Clay and a Nature Walk. With the clay, we made circles and divided them into various fractions.  We headed out to a Wildlife Refuge once again and observed a marsh on the coast. The boys took some time and did journal entries while there and Luke picked up some seasonal items for our gnome home!

Barn Island Refuge

Barn Island Refuge


Excited to find a "Y" shaped stick- just like the alphabet card we made!

Excited to find a “Y” shaped stick- just like the alphabet card we made!

Added some seasonal items to the home!

Added some seasonal items to the home! Notice: all the gnomes are stuffed inside!

Now for our Main Lesson block over the past two days, it’s been fraction as I said, and Luke has been working on counting (at his request) apparently I haven’t been counting high enough for him as he told me! He wants to count to 100…..I said let’s get to 20 first, ok? 🙂   -Besides workbook pages, here are some activities we did:

Outdoor fractions with chalk

Outdoor fractions with chalk

After drawing circles with the hula hoops, Luke made the lines, Liam colored in some pieces and then wrote the fraction of each, then added them up at the end.

Creative Math Writing

Creative Math Writing

Using a picture from a magazine showing an image of a farmer’s market, Liam had to write a story incorporating fractions into it.

Counting to 20

Counting to 20

Luke used dice to roll and placed pom poms onto the correct number and wanted to use the blue ones to show the teen numbers. There was A LOT of counting involved- first counting up the dice (4 of them) then counting out the pom poms!

Whole lot of fractions going on! Geoboard and fraction pieces.

Whole lot of fractions going on! Geo-board and fraction pieces.

I had to re-iterate many times to leave the word “and” out when reading the fraction and then used measuring cups and the fraction pieces to show how that one word changes the amount completely.

Fraction Art

Fraction Art

Using various circle sizes, then cutting them into 1/2 or 1/4 pieces and creating a pattern.

So, those are some highlights- we’ve done much more, but I’ll spare all the details! 😉



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