Waldorf- Day One- New School Year

Today was day one of us immersing ourselves into the Waldorf curriculum. We are slowing making our way into new rhythms and balancing out our lesson blocks. I have been reading and studying and getting us as ready as much as I could, to kick off our new school year today.

Star Apple Verse

Star Apple Verse

Our two main lesson blocks for the month are- Fractions(5th grade) and Apples and Stars (Pre-k)

Yesterday I wrote the apple verse down and the boys have been reciting it ever since! After our morning walk, we all sat down and read The Crooked Apple Tree, The Moon from Brothers Grimm and The Story of the Apple Star!

Then both boys grabbed an apple and cut it open to find the star- then we ate them for our morning snack as we, again read the chalkboard verse.

Luke then used felt and the seeds from the apples to make his handcraft.


As Luke played with super bouncy balls down the hall…Liam and I got to work on his main lesson block- learning about adding fractions. We first rad a short story in his math book, then did a few math lessons within the book. In is main lesson workbook he copied down the anatomy of a fraction, then I asked him to think of a picture he could draw of something that would show representation of a fraction. I asked him to make it “artful” I love his design- certainly something he will remember because he came up with the idea of the pizza and adding of the fractions on the handle!

Main lesson workbook/Fractions

Main lesson workbook/Fractions

We then did a movement lesson- making fractions through steps between two marks- feeling how the steps get smaller as we go from 1/2 to 3/4 and so on inside the area….


We then took a lunch break, ate and prepared the food together, and then got ready for Heart and Hand.

Monday for us is Handwork and Music.

Liam did his first lesson in sewing today. He LOVED it! He kept saying “I just love this, and I don’t know why!” He is working on putting together a hand-sewn felted “monster cell phone.” He wanted to complete the whole thing today, he was enjoying it so much 😉

First sewn section

First sewn section

Almost done

Almost done

Luke worked on beading himself a bracelet and checking on the weather. He chose these two gnomes to represent today’s forecast 🙂


Music today was listening to the Pentatonic scales and then viewing Bobby McFerrin in these two videos- they were awesome!

Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale

Sing! Day of song – Bobby McFerrin – Improvisation

We also watched this lesson on Pitch.

Next in our new rhythm, is clean up the house and chore time! One chose to vacuum and the other to wash the tub as I did the dishes.


Now it’s quiet/relax time- then we’re off to prepare dinner and head out to Karate lessons!

Pretty good kick off to our new school year!

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