Don’t Miss the Opportunity…….

I constantly love to read quotes or profound lines in a good book, hearing lyrics to a song, observing people and their facial expressions, candid photos… I’m a visual person and really “read” into things, ponder things over.

Why? Every now and then I feel the need to check in with myself, my beliefs, goals and overall who I want to be as a person- I think…Yes! and Exactly! or I see people miss the meaning all together, take a moment for granted, crush someone’s spirit….and I think-  I need to remember that and be conscious of my actions/observations/living in the moment!

So, basically it’s my checks and balance system!

Here are a few important opportunities you/ I don’t want to miss:

rock to give 1. This is one of my all time favorite reminders! Children find the best treasures and so willing give them up to a parent or friend with that excited look in their eyes. BE GRATEFUL if they chose you! Be careful not to diminish this act….how many more times do you think they are going to seek you out in the future to share with you again? Maybe once or twice…kids are smart- they’ll move on and find someone else- MISSED Opportunity- And just think, the treasures become more personal and selective the older they get.  Be that gracious person and continue to share treasures! Little things become big things!

self education2. Let the children find their own interests, what was/is important to you in your childhood has shaped you into who you are today. Grant them this same opportunity, it’s what makes us all interesting! Give them time to read, explore, get bored, they will always take away something from what they find interesting.  If your constantly rushing them through life and not listening/observing to what they are interested in your Missing the Opportunity! You’re wasting everyone’s time, we’ve all learned that we learn only what we want to know, what’s important to us- a child will take away what they need to know, just expose them and nature does the rest!



life is art 3. Let this one speak for itself! Just be you! Don’t miss that opportunity to be you!








go where the door slams4. Ah, we all need this from time to time! What is it about a screen door slam?! Summer nostalgia? Spending the summer at your grandma’s or running and jumping off the dock into a lake? Whatever that place of nostalgia is for you- revisit it- regroup! Comfort food for your soul. Don’t miss that opportunity to relax/recall and remember.





ages 5. Reminder to take a moment and be gentle with others. Whether it’s generational or not, I think it’s important to try and understand others and see where they’re coming from…..Of course it can be so very frustrating, but I try my best to stand back and reflect- find the balance. I guess that’s why my brain is always thinking, thinking about people until I can find some understanding about them. Don’t miss the opportunity to relate to others and someone unexpected might just relate to you when your “one of these.”

explore6. I love exploring with my kids/family! The real world goes away for awhile and it feels like a bit of freedom from life. There we all are, just together feeling peaceful. Don’t get me wrong, getting lost when your tired or hot or hungry is not so peaceful, but more times than not, we enjoy the tranquility of the woods! Don’t miss the opportunity of natural beauty and wonder a stroll can bring! Nature is a great teacher for all ages.




ending7. Our needs and goals change as we change. We need to recognize that the original plan, either for today or the grand picture just may not work out or may not fit with what we originally pictured.  If this is not how you want your story to end; start with reflection, then baby steps ( or sometimes a leap!) toward a new ending. This is when I think childhood trauma and memories play a crucial role in our lives! That is when you starting thinking about the story of your life, right? Making plans and picturing your life story begins to unfold during the moments in your childhood. Some are happy with their story from the start, others find a need to change as we grow. Don’t miss the opportunity to make changes as necessary to have the ending to your story the way you see it!




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