Tree and Flower Art Study

IMG_20140612_080054We recently moved and live across the street from a beautiful 15 Acre Victorian Strolling Park! Ever since I first walked through it, I thought, we’ve got to come here and draw/paint/color all these beautiful trees and flowers! The weather was perfect and so we did it, packed a bag of art supplies, a blanket and paper!!

Before heading out the door, we watched a documentary on the art of flowers, just to get us inspired πŸ˜‰

We took the pamphlet that listed all 61 types of trees within the park and walked around until we saw a great one to draw! We’ve been to the park many times and my youngest always yells when he sees one of the trees with a marked plaque stating the type of tree it is!

The first tree we thought was really pretty was the Japanese Snowbell. We took a photo and continued on. Here is the photo:

tree study 001







The first tree to sit down and draw was picked by my oldest a little ways down the path. He chose the European Beech tree. He said it looked cool! The description of the tree in the pamphlet fit too; it said The specimen is a weeping form and a favorite play place for children on hot summer days.

tree study 007tree study 008tree study 009










The next art study was a switch from trees to a water fountain, I warned them drawing water is tricky, but lets give it a try! After all, it’s the process, not the product!!

tree study 004tree study 003










Here are some other highlights of the park we found beautiful. The boys noticed flowers growing in rows in the open field and decided to run and jump over each “line” of flowers!

tree study 005tree study 006tree study 010















For our third drawing my oldest wanted to do one “free style” as he calls it! πŸ™‚ My youngest by now, was just wanting to pretend to be a “dog at the park.” So, we found another little spot and set up the blanket again. While Liam “free-styled” and Luke was a “dog” I looked around and loved the colors of the branches on the Japanese Maple, and decided on that one.

tree study 015tree study 016







A few other photos of prettiness in the park:

tree study 011tree study 012tree study 013tree study 014



























After the park we headed to a nearby playground to wrap up the day!

RI lighthouse 31117RI lighthouse 31118

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