The Giving Tree on Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day 2013

I decided to take out a favorite book of mine and the boys – The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein today and use it as our base for all activities in lieu of Valentine’s Day.  gtreecI have read this story many times myself, so thought it was a good idea for them to hear it from the author himself : found here on youtube: The Original “73 Movie

After we listened to the story I had Liam complete two worksheets found here on  

He labeled the tree parts and then recalled each item the tree gave to the boy and what the boy used it for. Then thought of things the tree gives as gifts, such as food and paper, oxygen and shelter.

I then took an art activity we had used at Halloween time and tweaked it a bit to go along with The Giving Tree.

First the boys painted the “ground” flipping a paper plate over and used greens and brown for the forest floor.

Then using a brown paper sandwich bag, they each stuffed tissue paper into the bottom of the bag for a base of the tree.  Then twist the bag just above the base. Next cut long strips going down the bag for branches. Then they used a bit of glue on their hands and twisted each strip to form the individual branches.

While they worked on this part, I cut out foam shapes for leaves, stopping to help Luke out once in awhile with his branches.  They glued the leaves on, used a piece of red tissue paper for the apple and added a heart to the tree just like in the story!

They came out awesome!! gtreeagtreeb

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