“The Mitten” Play

Today’s language lesson was based on the story The Mitten by Jan Brett. I first read the story aloud to the boys. The illustrations are beautiful and it’s a perfect story for winter! The both loved it! I had found a few ideas and downloads to go along with the story on pinterest and they are on my board if you’d like to follow or pin for yourself.  I printed out the animals and a mitten template, one for each of them. school play 008 We attached the mitten on to a brown paper bag so the animals could actually go in “the mitten”, at first I was just going to read the story to them again with the props in hand, but then I thought….let’s do it as a play! They both loved it! We set up a blanket to set the stage. Liam went first and put on his play for Luke. I read it as he acted it out with his puppets. Luke clapped and yelled “good job Liam!” “My turn!”

He went next and did great with finding the animals as I read the story. He came across some new animals too…What’s a badger? he asked.

school play 010






After they each took a turn Liam asked if he could make up his own play now and perform it for us. Of course! He made a new title called The Animal Opera. Each animal sang for us. Some animals rapped, some sang opera, and the rabbit was nervous! I started giggling and Luke reminded me to “not laugh, and calm down” 🙂  We had great fun!

school play 013school play 016

While on pinterest getting the downloads, Liam spotted that I had pinned Going on a Bear Hunt for a future idea, since he had asked about it on our last hiking trip. He really wanted to watch the video I had found today.  So we did and they both had a blast with that too.  Luke listened to it a handful of times as we acted out the actions in front of the screen. I think I know what our next play will be come spring time!

Cover of "The Mitten"

Cover of The Mitten



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