We finally had a good snow storm the other day! The perfect opportunity to accompany our continued look at the Arctic animals and to talk about the science behind the fun white stuff! I had taken out wintersch 005the book The Story of Snow; The Science of Winter’s Wonder by Mark Cassino with Jon Nelson, Ph.D. My oldest really liked the explanation and photos of the real snow crystals! Beautiful book!

wintersch 006I also found this catchy little song: Snowball Fight ( that was stuck in all of our heads for the remainder of the morning) perfect and my youngest was repeating the sounds for each letter! Loved it and had fun! We also already had and read the book Snowball Fight! by Jimmy Fallon

Cover of "Snowball Fight"

Cover of Snowball Fight
















We watched a video on penguins and then did a little art project on hibernation. Liam chose a wolf and Luke wanted a bear.

wintersch 010wintersch 011











I also found this blog with a free pdf download for Luke about Arctic Animals! A very nice packet! He did this worksheet, and loved it!

wintersch 009He did very well holding the pencil and drew a line connecting one to the other.






The final activity of the day was to bring the snow inside and really take a close look at it and play with it!

wintersch 003

wintersch 008


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