Making a Map-Toddler Style

Luke is really into maps lately! He even put it on his Christmas list asking Santa for a really big map for Christmas. This morning he was sitting with me as I was looking through Pinterest looking for map ideas for him and was so excited at each map photo, that I got the idea for him to make his own map! We have a large one I use for homeschooling and I think Santa just may deliver a map or two for Christmas, but this one is his very own to play with on the floor with cars and blocks and whatever else he likes.  He loved making it and I loved hearing his imagination through the process; he made {mountains, roads, and houses}

I set out a large piece of poster board, two plates with paint and string and sponges.

map 00211map 0031






2 thoughts on “Making a Map-Toddler Style

  1. Jessica, I left a comment for this wonderful post but I don’t see it uploaded. I compared that lovely, big and colourful map with a Kandinski. Has the comment disappeared?
    Again, my compliments. Frame that map! It is delightful.

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