Is it Friday?! Yeah Library!

Apparently I forgot it was Friday and went straight to the grocery store this morning then later on headed out to the library, as we were walking in… yikes it ‘s Friday! We never sat down and did school work today!  I got a yessss!!! from Liam as I said it out loud.  As we drove home he read me the entire book Nacho Nacho and other rhyming riddles. Then we did two cooking/baking projects and settled down to watch the movie Stellalunawe borrowed from the library. We watched the movie, then viewed the bonus material on bat facts and learned a few more things. He then took out his sketch pad and followed the step by step instructions on how to draw Stellaluna! He did his first sketch, then tried it again after giving it a critique, and colored it in.















Luke worked on patterns with snowflakes I bought at the dollar store and some games on sprout and pbs. He’s very quick and loves puzzles!









I am planning to take a break this upcoming week for Thanksgiving, but wanted to share the book I selected at the library for the following week.

History; as we continue the westward expansion we are going to read/discuss The Oregon Trail by Mel Freidman

Wild West Days Fun projects, Games, Activities and Recipes by David King

Animals on the Trail with Lewis and Clark by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent

Reading; Continuing The Enormous Egg,  and starting Reindeer DO WEar Striped Underwear (The Bailey School Kids series) as well as poetry Ploka-Bats and Octopus Slacks by Calef Brown

Science; Continuing the Arctic studies Ice Bear and Little Fox by Jonathan London ( waiting on the other books from the library)





2 thoughts on “Is it Friday?! Yeah Library!

  1. Don’t worry about Friday!
    At this young age children learn not only from sitting still and listening to their teacher. Learning seems to be at the heart of their whole being: learning and living go hand in hand. If you, at this age, give 4 days homeschool and allow yourself on Friday to have a day out to the library, museum, woodlands, or just hang out with other home school families, your kids will be well educated and relaxed.
    When my daughter was young, I did 4 intense days of homeschool: math, language arts, some subjects, and arts/crafts. Friday was still a learning day, but much more relaxed: we went out, met friends, did a lot of reading aloud, swimming, walking. It worked really well.

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