This is why I visit Pinterest so often!

We’ve been busy trying out ideas I’ve found on Pinterest. These were all a success! One experiment led to another and as I type this they’ve got a whole new experiment going on with items from the kitchen cabinet! They have been showing a lot of brotherly co-operation!! All the projects were basic, but they really worked well with each other and came up with some great solutions and worked as a team- just one more reason to love homeschooling…the bonding and time spent together is fantastic! We’ve done some formal learning at the table too, but I’m really trying to branch out and give some self-guided games/activities for them to work together and just sit and observe…letting them use their imagination and creativity.

Constructing roads with paper plates and blocks!

Marble Races!

Snow Plowing! Shaving cream and a snow plow truck!

Drizzle and Fizzle! Dropping colored vinegar onto baking soda!

Glue, salt and then drop watercolors on to it!

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