Willow Branch Lantern


With all the beautiful fall leaves falling to the ground I was in search of a fun and different fall craft to do today. I found this Leaf Lantern idea! Over the weekend I purchased the willow sticks at the local craft store as we already had all the other materials on hand.

First I asked him to measure out four equal sized sticks for the base and two cross pieces for the bottom. Then four tall and equal sticks for the pyramid shape which we tied together and then began adding cross pieces to strengthen and add design to the lantern as it will show through when lit.  He read the directions out loud, step by step with some team work as it does get tricky attaching all the pieces we got the base completed.

Next he tore pieces of tissue paper, he chose red and layered them across the sticks to cover it in it’s entirety.  The instructions called for an actual tea light candle, but we are using a battery operated one! The last touch was to gather leaves from outside and add them to the top of the lantern-done! It took roughly an hour’s worth of work, and looks really neat!

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