Combinations and Caterpillars

After a very busy weekend, we eased into the lessons this morning with a look at Massachusetts through a video called The Hidden History of Boston. The video featured stories behind the events like the Boston Massacre and Tea Party as well as a tour of Boston Harbor, Fenway Park, Salem witches, Beacon Hill and other landmarks.  This was an excellent video and perfect as my goal is to “visit” each state this year and we are also focusing on the Colonial times just as the Revolution was taking place.  It was a bit over his head as it’s not geared for children, but seeing that we’ve covered a lot of the material already he could follow along and recognized quite a bit of the history and added to events in his own words as we followed along.
Following the video we switched gears and did some grammar work and then read Incredible Castles and Knights, focusing on knights and their weapons, dress and life inside the castle.  Next was Life of Fred math, taking a look at multiplication, acres and polygons.  The chapters are fairly short so we also read The Great Number Rumble- A story of Math in Surprising Places. The first chapter in this book was a look at combinations within wardrobe choices and in an ice cream shop, take a look at all possible combinations: how many double scoop cones can you get if the scoops are different flavors and it doesn’t matter what flavor is on top? The the permutations- how many if it does matter? Same within the wardrobe with one pair of pants, 3 shirts and 3 socks? After we used 3 flavors, he wanted to add another flavor and see how it changed the number of permutations.

My youngest focused on the letter C today. We used bingo markers to make Circles on the letter C and turned it into a caterpillar-too which he said,- oh, he’s so cute! Then within the big letter C he filled in the shape with pom poms  and that was about it for focusing on that! haha Then he was off to build with his train sets!

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