Treasure Stones and Trains


The rainy afternoon brought arts and crafts our way! My youngest is very much into trains, so we made “The Letter A Train.”  Using magazine cut outs and gluing them on to foam rectangles, attaching each car with pipe cleaners. I said I’ll cut out the pictures and you can place all the “A” things on to the car you’d like, ok?  He says, okay mom, teamwork!


My oldest then wanted to do a craft too, and found a recipe for making “Treasure Stones” in the book, The Ultimate book of Kid Concoctions by John E. Thomas. We followed the recipe adding in flour, used coffee grinds, sand and some other ingredients. Formed a ball and hid a small treasure inside each one. Baked them for about 20 minutes. Headed out to the sun porch once they were ready to dig out the treasure!




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