Visiting a Real Castle!










Today we headed to Gillette’s Castle! This is the former home of  William Gillette. He is most famous for his portrayal of “Sherlock Holmes” noted  in his acting abilities and style, playwright and director.

The kids all have heard of Sherlock Homes, knowing he was a detective and did their impersonation of him under the sign as we first entered. They are all thinking real hard!

We did learn upon our tour of the castle just how inventive he was. He designed the castle by himself, and a working railroad on the property as well, not to mention a fire hose set up within, with the use of collected rain. As we toured the home we found he had his fair share of trickery as well. It was pointed out that there was a secret door for his use as well as mirrors placed just so that he could keep an eye on his guests without their knowledge! All the woodwork, and details were absolutely amazing! I think it was stated there are 47 doors within the castle and no two are exactly alike! It was details like this that really make it fascinating! 



















A look from the outside, all the rocks, flowers and a view of the river.

Then we walked a couple of the trails on the property after a picnic lunch. We ended up going down the the CT River at the edge of the property and the boys had a great time as it looked very “Swiss Family Robinson” down there! We were also able to see some barges going by and the ferry as well as the boys invented games and ran up and down the shore.

We had a great time!


Two cousins playing “nap” after one hike

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