Coat of Arms and Caterpillars

As we progress in our Early Middle Ages studies, my oldest asked to make his own coat of arms today, especially after watching a movie yesterday.  I talked to him about the symbolism of  the  family shields and asked him to think about that and make a plan.  We researched colors and their meanings as well as animals and their symbolism and he began his design.

He was adamant about having the dragon on his shield and chose four of them, because it would represent each member in our family.  He chose to put red behind the family for strength, orange and gray stripes to represent zest and fun, strength and support. He also chose the color green because he loves nature and was trying to decide on a bird to place on it as well. After several thoughts, he found a nice picture of the Robin and said, that’s what I’ll use, it’s our state bird, so that perfect! This lesson turned out to be much more than I had originally thought as I watched his thought process and loved hearing him speak of why these colors and pictures were chosen. He did a great job!

My toddler did some creative work as well this morning. Once he saw the paints out on the table he was ready to get going! I went down to our cardboard collection and saw the egg carton and immediately thought..caterpillar! I asked him if he wanted to make a caterpillar and he said “aww, a pillar! ya!” So he got to painting and then I helped him to glue on two buttons for eyes and two sticks for the antenna. After doing these projects we jumped into grammar, math and some geography and read a chapter in our newest book from the library and continued to read “Wonder Struck”, we are nearing the end and starting to see how these two lives are going to intertwine! I think I might just be a little more excited to find out how it all comes together than he is!

3 thoughts on “Coat of Arms and Caterpillars

  1. I remember doing this with our kids. It was so much fun! Our family is from Spain, so we were able to look up our family coat of arms and learn the history behind it. Loads of fun!
    It was great to see what your family came up with. Thanks for sharing!

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