Toddler Time and Tin Cans


Most of my posts about homeschool are based on projects done with my oldest, but the last couple of days my Toddler has been very active in the kitchen!

I love that he likes to help bake, and it’s so important for toddlers to be an active participant in their families, that I always welcome the helping hands. (even if it entails more work in the end for me 🙂

What Toddlers learn in the kitchen:

Math- shapes, sorting, measuring, counting

Social Skills- team work, following directions, responsibility

Reading- even though they can’t yet read, pointing to and looking at the books or boxes are beginner steps in reading!

Fine Motor Skills- Stirring, pouring, mixing, and pressing.

The first recipe we made was a fruit smoothie! We had peaches to spare and several other ingredients, so we made it up as we went along and it came out pretty good! We combined peaches, yogurt, milk, ice, peanut butter and     fluff… was tasty!






The next baking project was brownies, and both boys shared in who got to add what ingredients and – the most important part- who go to lick what when we were done!                                                                                                                                                       The other project we did today was with my oldest. As we study the colonial times I like to throw in some hands-on activities. The idea of making our own tin can lantern came into play as we take a closer look at what life was like in comparison to today’s world of technology! We have a book filled with ideas to do as we go along, so we started with this one! I saved a tin can, it is to be filled with water and set to freeze as it makes it easier to punch the holes. I tried to do it without and it, and it just didn’t work ;P  Once frozen he drew his design and then we laid it down on a towel and he used nails and a hammer to punch through, we added a tea light after melting the ice out and ta- da!-

a Colonial lantern!


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