Lots of Creations


Lots of painting projects today!

We did all the usuals- math, reading, spelling and history, but it was  mostly a  creative projects type of day today.

We started out with some printed blank copies of “Irises” to paint using watercolors.  This turned out to be a struggle for my oldest as he was looking for perfection vs. painting for enjoyment. After a couple of “do-overs” to which he was still unsatisfied with the outcome, we decided to do a collaborative piece together(the one above).  I was surprised that this was not as enjoyable as I had hoped… although he asked to do his own flower painting , preferring to create his own, feeling less pressured. This is what he made “A teepee, with flowers coming out”

While he was busy at the table, my youngest, who’s 2,  was busy at the computer playing memory games and matching of the shape games. He’s pretty good at navigating around and finding new games to do within the site! Shortly after that we read his new book “Who Is Driving?” he loves it as it shows a vehicle with a line up of animals dressed up to “match” the car and asks who’s driving?  He later on was quizzing his older brother with a huge grin on his face! “Liam, who’s driving the race car?!” He was loving it!

With a follow up to yesterday’s science lesson, we read a book about turtles and then made our own turtles using rocks and paint. Liam chose to paint a snapping turtle,  Luke did not want to make one, but looked at the pictures in the book as we read aloud.














The last project of the day was part of our world history lesson. A project that will take some time, but part one was completed this afternoon. Liam is going to create the Four Alls. In the days of knights and castles, the world was divided into four parts called the Four Alls- the peasants, the priests, the knights and the kings.  He chose to start with the knights and made a small model and will continue to make the whole society as we go along! This one was made using printed pictures and we will also use materials from nature as it is put together for completion. Off to a good start! He already has some ideas for the next one.


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