First Day of Summer Break

Love of Great Books

A rainy day that cancelled our weekly happy homeschooler’s hike.  So instead we went and did errands then watched a movie together as I worked on a book list containing our favorite books from this past year. Then started my new daily journal here!

We started this past year doing mostly eclectic homeschooling and as I researched and observed my sons learning style and what I found I liked most about was a no brain-er! We slowly transitioned into the Charlotte Mason method of homeschooling! Sitting a reading books aloud is and has always been one of my favorite things to do!

Growing up my mother always took us for trips to the library and then read our favorites to us each night. I believe this is where my love of great stories comes from. It was my favorite time of the day, just sitting together on my bed and hearing the stories and sharing laughs. My all time favorite as a child was Muffin, Brown bear and Me (as you see in the photo) My mother found the book and gave it to me as a gift not so long ago. A true treasure from my childhood!

I see why the Charlotte Mason method spoke volumes to me. I have always treasured the time spent reading books and love to hear a great story and retained information much better through a story as well as hands-on. It didn’t take to long to see these were two learning styles my oldest son enjoys as well. As for my youngest, he’s two, so we’re still exploring everything!!

So, as we move forward into the next “school year” we will share all the great stories we read and all the great hands-on activities we get our hands into!

So, please I encourage you to follow along with us on our journey!

2 thoughts on “First Day of Summer Break

  1. Yes, Charlotte Mason is wonderful. I home school my 10 year old daughter and I still read aloud books to her. We sit next to each other and she follows the text while I read and when my voice starts to get weak, she takes over. This way we read, talk, and learn together. Never stop reading aloud when your child can work independently. It is such a precious time together.
    Cheers, Paula

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